Project 52 is your lifeline in the sea of distractions, procrastination, and that ever-present 'squirrel brain.' ​

It's ME as your weekly bolt of accountability and actionable inspiration. I’m here to help you turn those "unexpected things popping up" and those hours lost to "scrolling IG for 'just 5 more minutes'" into steady, undeniable progress. And each week, I'll be eagerly waiting to hear from you. 
With Project 52 [90 day sprint] - you'll break the cycle of getting sidetracked and start striding confidently toward your goals.

Are you ready?

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  • Will Belinda really reply to my emails?
    Yes, I do! And even better than that, I’ll actually respond to your questions.
  • How many people can join?
    I will have a cap on the number of people who can join Project 52 as I have a limited amount of time to reply to every email.
  • Are the emails literally just three questions?
    Three questions, yes, but I’ll also tell you a little story to inspire you, provoke you and maybe even make you laugh.
  • Will Belinda give me coaching?
    Project 52 is about accountability and while I will offer you some advice along the way, if you’d like to go deeper you’ll want to book a 1:1 session with me.

    You could also apply for my CEO Catalyst Mastermind, which is a small group of copywriters, working closely with me to spark the next iteration of their business.
  • What happens when I join Project 52?
    You'll get an email from me right away, confirming you’ve joined then one more email explaining how it will work. Then, you’ll hear from me next Friday - and the Friday after that ... and every Friday for a total of 52 weeks.

    The first email goes out on Friday Jan 05!
  • What if I want to cancel?
    You can cancel at any time by sending an email to and you won't get another email. But since you've already paid for it, it makes no sense to cancel. 

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